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We are proud to present our work.These projects are built using the latest technologies and the best talent. The benefits of our construction methods guarantee quality for many years to come.
Welcome to Dardania Model

Our History

Dardania Model – The nature of wood beauty.

A tradition that has been passed down to us for many years , which started as a family business by our fathers and grandfathers that continued over 65 years , with a clear vision and a mission which until now have been very successful.

Dardania Model is a factory that deals with the production of doors, windows with materials such as PVC, aluminum, wood-aluminum, as well as the special department for furniture production.

In addition to energy efficiency and performance, the company’s products fulfill all other criteria such as design, quality, stability, assembly based on international standards.

About 50% of our products are currently manufactured for the European market mainly in Switzerland, our aim is to continue to increase this percentage over the years.

Dardania Model is also certified with the standard ISO:9001.

About Us

Our Philosophy

The nature of wood beauty.

The research phase is very important. We do our best to plan every possible outcome , which would impact the budget and timing of the project completion:
  • At the center of the mission we have placed the client.
  • We meet the different requirements with the highest quality and  finish them with mastery.
  • Our goal is to give you exactly what you have in mind.

The key to our success is identifying and fulfilling every client’s need with the utmost professionalism, we have put the client at the center of what we do, with high quality service and a welcoming environment. Our goal is to be reliable partners, to be committed to sustainable leadership and we also aim export expansion.

Many years of experience in the market makes us more professional and has created the continuous trust of our clients. The reasons for our success and our unique values are:
  • Manufacture of products according to customer requirements, based on location, color and many years warranty.
  • Professionalism, quality and professional staff.
  • The excellence of delivering our products to our customers.
  • We do not end our relationship with our customers, our customers return to us satisfied due to our exceptional service even after selling the product.
  •  We act and approach sincerely any request.
  •  You dream, we create.

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