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About Us

About us

We are leaders in the production of furniture in Kosovo.

Dardania Model is a factory that deals with the production of doors and windows with materials such as PVC, aluminum, wood - aluminum, as well as the special department to produce furniture! Our company currently has over 130 employees! Dardania Model is a company that has been operating since 1954 with the address on str. Brahim Ademi, Koshare - Ferizaj 70000. In addition to energy efficiency and performance, the company's products meet all other criteria such as design, quality, durability, and assembly based on international standards. About 50% of our products are currently produced for the European market, mainly the Swiss one, our aim is that this percentage will continue to grow during these years.

At the center of the mission, we have placed the customer. We fulfill the various requirements with the highest quality and finish them skillfully. Our goal is to give you exactly what you have in mind. The main competitors in the market are mainly companies that are based on wood processing and have a similar nature of activity to our company.

Dardania Model is also certified with the ISO:9001 standard. From the beginning, our company aimed to expand its activities! Recently, this goal took shape by founding the company Dardania Home, which is based on the conceptual creation, design and finalization of wooden houses, various villas, etc. Dardania Model has a variety of products and activities that we take care to work on in the best possible way. Among them are kitchens, furniture, wall coverings, various furnishings, doors of different dimensions and materials, wooden, aluminum and PVC windows, roller shutters, garage doors and many other products, which offer great choices and opportunities.